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AutoWiz Insurance Telematics Solutions

AutoWiz Insurance Telematics
Driving Behavior Monitoring

AutoWiz Insurance Telematics

Cutting Edge and Custom Fit for You

Usage Based Insurance, Pay as you Drive, Pay how you Drive

Usage Based Insurance

For Pay-how-you-Drive and Pay-as-you-drive UBI Business Models

OBD and SmartPhone Telematics

Versatile Technology

Choose based on your use case and budget – Smartphone only or with OBD Device

Advanced Telematics Use Cases

Add-On Telematics Features

Crash Detection, Live Tracking, Car health monitoring and diagnostics

Fast time to market with Telematics API and SDK

Fast Time to Market

App SDKs and APIs enable you to customize, integrate and launch quickly

Key Offerings

Advanced Driving Behavior Analytics

  • Our Solutions capture our distilled insights from years of Vehicle Data Analytics experience.

  • Comprehensive analytics rates each drive on multiple risk dimensions, including driving behavior and additional risk parameters.

  • With OBD, car performance and eco-driving behavior analytics enables ecosystem engagement.

  • Customizable scoring tailored as per your UBI product strategy.

Advanced Driving Behavior Analytics
Driving Pattern Analysis
Insurance Telematics App

Increase Loyalty and Engagement

  • Our Insurance Telematics Apps deliver personalized and engaging insights, while maintaining end user privacy.

  • Driving Behavior Scoring Trends to encourage safe driving.

  • Detailed trip view shows rash driving alerts in context of drive path.

  • Customer Analytics Engine drives gamification and personalized notifications.

Crash Reporting

Automatically Detect crashes, provide emergency assistance and get data-driven Crash re-construction report for Claims Intelligence.

Automatic Crash Detection and Reporting
Automatic Crash Detection
Usage Based Insurance Analytics Dashboard

Analytics Dashboards

Aggregated Data Analytics and APIs for Underwriters to decipher trends and segment customers based on risk

Our Insurance Telematics Solution Options

Pure Smartphone based Telematics to OBD Connected Car Solutions

AutoBeacon Smartphone Telematics


Advanced Smartphone based UBI and crash detection, affordable for mass market deployments

AutoWiz OBD GPS based Connected Car Solution


Full featured OBD GPS based Connected Car Solution, works independent of Driver's smartphone

AutoPulse OBD Bluetooth based Connected Car Solution


Affordable OBD Bluetooth based Connected Car Solution, combines OBD Telematics with Driver's smartphone

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