Your toolbox for Effective Fleet Maintenance with AutoWiz Fleet Management

  • By AutoWiz Marketing
  • Feb 5, 2022
  • 4 min read

Most Fleet Managers relate Fleet Management Solutions with Vehicle Location Tracking and Rash Driving monitoring. An often-overlooked benefit of Fleet Management is effective Fleet Maintenance. Connected vehicle technology enables real time, remote monitoring of Vehicle condition. Fleet Managers can use this to know what to service to perform on which vehicle and when. Benefits include reducing cost of maintenance and keeping more fit vehicles on road.

In this note, we highlight three ways in which our Customers use AutoWiz Fleet Management for Smart Fleet Maintenance.

Real time Health Alert Dashboard

Our Live Fleet Health Dashboard enables you to be on top of your fleet's internal health while they are on the road. Dashboard has real time alerts for Low Battery, High Coolant Temperature and Engine Diagnostics.

Our AutoWiz OBD GPS Device connects into your Vehicle’s internal CAN network and report any Engine Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) in real time. Via the Live Health Dashboard, you can drill down to the see the details and severity of the Engine issue in real time. You can then take an informed decision about whether to let vehicle continue its journey or pit stop for an immediate repair. Also know which DTCs are occurring more often to identify systemic issues with your fleet.


With the remote Health Dashboard, you don’t need to rely on the Driver reporting the issue or ignoring the issue till it results in a breakdown. We recommend Fleet Managers to give a quick glance to the Health Dashboard few times a day.

Sitting alongside our Live Health Alert Dashboard is our Live Driving Behaviour Dashboard. Core purpose of this Dashboard is to check rash driving in real time and intervene during the journey. Rash driving also results in higher wear and tear of vehicle parts including tyres and braking systems. So, curbing rash driving helps you prolong life of your vehicle parts and save fuel in the process.

Monthly Health Reports

Our Monthly Health Report is a vital checkpoint for understanding the detailed condition of each vehicle.

Here, our Software analyzes your vehicle’s big data across all trips in a month. It builds a comprehensive view of vehicle’s condition in terms of power, performance and maintenance parameters. We also give a rating on each of the parameter by comparing vehicle’s performance with its peer group (same make/model) in the AutoWiz System


Fleet Managers look forward to our monthly Health report to identify early warnings and plan for repairs and servicing. They also use it to identify which vehicles may be best placed for re-sale given their mileage and condition.

Preventive Maintenance Schedule Management

Each Vehicle comes with its OEM prescribed Preventive Maintenance Schedule. Fleet Managers have a tough time keeping track of what preventive maintenance task is due on which vehicle at any point of time.

AutoWiz offers a comprehensive Preventive Maintenance Schedule Management module for this very purpose. Here, you can pre-set and customize maintenance schedule for each vehicle. As an example, you may set an engine oil change task to be due every 7000 kms of vehicle running or 180 days, whichever is earlier.

AutoWiz tracks distance driven using telematics data so that you dont have to keep manual track of odometer. In our Fleet Maintenance Dashboard, you see which service is due based on current odometer or time since last service. This helps you to plan and never fall behind in your preventive maintenance activities.


And one last thing. You don’t need a separate software to track the actual servicing history or costs involved. Feed each vehicle’s service record into our Fleet Maintenance Module after each servicing task. Later, fetch servicing history and costs from our Service Management module.

With our Service history, Fuel Management and other reports, Fleet Managers get an accurate view of each Vehicle’s Total cost of ownership. They know the true cost per km run, without having to maintain manual XL sheets. This frees productivity and helps drive continuous improvement for your Fleet Maintenance Operations.

About AutoWiz OBD-GPS based Fleet Management Solution

AutoWiz Fleet Management is an Advanced Web Solution that gives full visibility to manage your fleet. AutoWiz OBD GPS plugs into the vehicle's OBDII port and keeps the vehicle connected to the cloud.

Suitable for fleet of cars, vans or trucks, AutoWiz Fleet Management Platform provide 360 degree view of your fleet. Features include Location intelligence, Driving behaviour and Fleet Health Monitoring.

For more information and free trial of AutoWiz Fleet Management Solution, contact us.